We have another terrific lineup of programs for writers coming together for you, including workshops and panels. Here is the tentative list for your consideration:

Guest of Honor Workshops

Rachel Howzell Hall I Got This Idea: From Napkin to Novel. 

Deborah Crombie Researching Your Novel Across the Pond

Other Workshops

How to produce your audio book with Jessica Kaye

Contract-wise what happens when your book is about to be optioned for film or TV? with Maggie Marr

The Ins and Outs of Self-Publishing panel moderated by Edward Arno

Online Ad Strategies and Marketing with Avanti Centrae

The Road to Publishing with Naomi Hirahara 

The Nuts and Bolts of producing a serial drama podcast with Graham Westerson

Writing in Other Voices with Laurie Stevens, Peter Moss, and Terry Shames

The Anthology Hustle

Humorous Ways to Die with Craig Faustus Buck, Haris Orkin

Degrees of the Law with Veronica Gutierrez, Mark Bruce and Ellen Kirschman

YA Mysteries with Sheila Sobel and Alan Orloff

Keeping it Simple. Tips for Writing a Short Story with Nancy Silverman

The Skeleton of a Mystery workshop for beginning mystery writers with  Gay Kinman

Making Your Dialogue Sizzle with Georgia Jeffries

Writing the Sex Scene Without Losing Your Shirt with Claudia Long

Creating Authentic Characters of Different Ethnicities and Cultures with Vera Chan, Rachel Howzell Hall, Jennifer Chow, Alicia Gaspar de Alba, Cody Sisco 

Cutting Edge Forensics with Doreen Hudson

Police and PTSD: Trade secrets from a police psychologist with  Ellen Kirschman

A Brief History of Criminal Investigation with Anne Louise Bannon

Officer Involved Shootings: From Incident to Adjudication with Beatrice Girmala