In addition to our wonderful Guests of Honor, Rachel Howzell Hall and Deborah Crombie, we’ve got a terrific line up of conference faculty. Please note, our programming has not been finalized and the below list is subject to change (though probably not drastically).

Edward Arno

Anne Louise Bannon

Mark Bruce

Craig Faustus Buck

Ellen Byron

Avanti Centrae

Vera Chan

Jennifer Chow

Alicia Gaspar de Alba, PhD

Beatrice Girmala

Veronica Gutierrez

Naomi Hirahara

Doreen Hudson

Georgia Jeffries

Jessica Kaye

Gay Kinman

Ellen Kirschman, PhD

Claudia Hagadus Long

Maggie Marr

Peter Moss

Haris Orkin

Alan Orloff

Gary Phillips

Terry Shames

Nancy Cole Silverman

Cody Sisco

Sheila Sobel

Laurie Stevens

Holly West

Graham Westerson

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  1. Michael D. Toman

    Just wanted to say “Thank You!” to the panelists as well as to everyone else involved in bringing this free Special Pandemic Conference to this Semi-Shut-In Senior. Since the Overbooked (Overwhelmed?) Undersigned has been spending the last few months “downsizing” His Own Private Paper Labyrinth by boxing up book donations for libraries in California, Florida, Idaho, and Michigan for mailing later this year, I will also add looking at the websites for panelists and seeing about submitting “Suggestions for Purchase” to ALL of “my” local libraries where I have library cards. Hope that this info “helps brighten the corner where you are” for all of the panelists. Thanks for contributing to this event for This Long-Time Reader at “Isolation Station – On Beyond Zebra!” // Sincerely, Michael D. Toman

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