We are setting up our new list of exciting panelists. Until then, please check out our home page for new updates.

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  1. Just wanted to say “Thank You!” to the panelists as well as to everyone else involved in bringing this free Special Pandemic Conference to this Semi-Shut-In Senior. Since the Overbooked (Overwhelmed?) Undersigned has been spending the last few months “downsizing” His Own Private Paper Labyrinth by boxing up book donations for libraries in California, Florida, Idaho, and Michigan for mailing later this year, I will also add looking at the websites for panelists and seeing about submitting “Suggestions for Purchase” to ALL of “my” local libraries where I have library cards. Hope that this info “helps brighten the corner where you are” for all of the panelists. Thanks for contributing to this event for This Long-Time Reader at “Isolation Station – On Beyond Zebra!” // Sincerely, Michael D. Toman

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