Get cozy with Paula Bernstein’s MURDER IS A NIGHTMARE

Psychiatrist Dr. Andrea Marcus is Dr. Hannah Kline’s closest friend, and she has disappeared.
Before then, Marcus had taken on a new and unlikable patient: narcissistic, arrogant and controlling Blake Harris. He’s in therapy under protest, because his recurrent nightmares are interfering with his sleep and his job as the CEO of a pharmaceutical start-up company. Blake also becomes sexually obsessed with his new therapist.
Marcus was becoming convinced the nightmares hid a horrific truth, one that frightened her. Now Hannah Kline and her new husband, LAPD detective Daniel Ross, must find her before the unthinkable happens.
Headshot of Paula Bernstein
Dr. Paula Bernstein will be moderating the panel Some Like it Hot: Adding Romance and Sex to Your Mysteries with guest authors Victoria Thompson, Deborah Crombie, Toby Neal and Pamela Samuels Taylor.

Bernstein migrated to California from her native New York to attend graduate school at Caltech. After several years of post doctoral work in chemistry, she escaped her laboratory and went to medical school. Like her series heroine, Hannah Kline, Paula spent her professional life practicing Obstetrics and Gynecology in Los Angeles. When she retired, she reinvented herself as a writer of medical mysteries.

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