Get riveted with Anne Louise Bannon’s DEATH OF THE CHINESE FIELD HANDS

The wine for the angelica fermented. We racked the cabernet and merlot wines together and made a lovely claret, as I recall. I went on another crusade to teach housewives the importance of sanitation in the home, which was ill-received. We tried to pretend that everything was normal. So, I didn’t think anything of asking Wei Li to take our goats and pasture them in the far end of the vineyard that day, the first week of November. None of us did. Until Wei Li didn’t come back.

In 1871, physician and winemaker Maddie Wilcox is horrified by a riot that ends in eighteen Chinese men lynched. Still, she is grateful that the three Chinese field hands who work on safe on her rancho survived. Until one of them is found strangled in her vineyard.

DEATH OF THE CHINESE FIELD HANDS is Anne Louise Bannon’s third book in the Old Los Angeles series. Little wonder that the Sisters in Crime Los Angeles president is moderating the panel The Exquisite Joy of Finding Out: How to Research Your Novel featuring an unbeatable hot quartet Cara Black, Jeffrey Deaver, Naomi Hirahira and S.A. Cosby.

The prolific author is also behind the Freddie and Kathy series set in the roaring Twenties, Operation Quickline on duo who belong to an ultra-secret organization and other novels.

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