Head to paradise with Toby Neal’s BLOOD ORCHIDS

We travel from Japan in Naomi Hirahara’s HIROSHIMA BOY to Hawaii with Toby Neal’s first book in her Paradise Crime series.

Lei Texeira is a cop in the sleepy town of Hilo on the Big Island. But even paradise holds tragedy and danger: A routine patrol turns up two murdered teens. Texeira is determined to uncover the truth and finds herself the next target.

Born on the island of Kauai, Neal is a mental health therapist, an occupation that has helped inform her story’s complex characters. The prolific author of crime and romance novels also penned a memoir, FRECKLED: A MEMOIR OF GROWING UP WILD IN HAWAII.

The USA Today bestseller will be on the panelĀ  Some Like it Hot: Adding Romance and Sex to Your Mysteries with Victoria Thompson, Deborah Crombie, Pamela Samuels Young and moderator Paula Bernstein.

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